"I love that I don't have to worry about stained underwear


-Francesca A., NY

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"Your product is

sensational  "

-Harris Warren, NY

"I was so glad I

ordered a box. 

I use it all month! "

-Margie Fox, PA


"...Thanks so much for stepping into

the ring to develop

this product "

- Debra Rexroat,

Amazon.com customer

Proud Supporter

Billionaire Entrepreneur

Daymond John

with Fran, Owner of

The Clean Seat, LLC

Keep your seat clean!

"The length is

great and it

conforms nicely

to your underwear "

-Donna M. Copobianco, NY

 "Excellent pad to wear

             during exercise"

   - Suzanne Weissmann, NJ

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"Revolutionary design.  Highly recommend this pad to anyone...

I have experienced issues in the past, but no longer..."

-Trent Moss, CA

             "Unique product.


            surprised at how

                  well it works "

                  - Mary Anne Tuttle, MI

Keep your seat clean!


"Can't believe how it absorbs, but is so thin

and comfy. 

Way to go Clean Seat "

-Faye Westfield, TX



Who  needs the Clean Seat? 

Everyone who wants to keep their undies clean!

those suffering with...


urinary leakage

fecal leakage

vaginal discharge

post surgery issues

and anyone who perspires

The Clean Seat always depend on our light bladder leakage pads

What is so special about the Clean Seat?

The Clean Seat is a thin disposable, comfortable sanitary pad

you'll want to wear everyday

For when a bulky, diaper type pad is too big

and a feminine mini pad is too small,

The Clean Seat is just right.

Complete coverage for Men and Women

The unique patented design is perfect for keeping soil and wetness

from staining underwear and clothing.

Shaped for men and women.

 Use the wider part where you need it most

The Clean Seat, LLC

P.O. Box 230162

Brooklyn, NY 11223