It's hard to believe, but many are embracing this sentiment.  Oprah Winfrey discussed this with O magazine.  She said "I'll take that", when asked her opinion on it.  "You can be and do whatever you want, thanks to exercise and hair color", she also responded.  Truly, with so much information at our fingertips, knowledge is power when it comes to living well through retirement age and beyond.  Life expectancy is on the rise, and advances in medicine are extraordinary.   We've discovered quinoa and kale and deep-sixed the diet sodas and processed foods.  But what exactly is recommended to keep 60 year olds looking and feeling younger?  According to Harvard Health Publications, men over 60 should be on the treadmill 5 times a week for 30 minutes to build muscle, burn calories, and strengthen the cardiovascular system.  The American College of Sports Medicine says that a physically active 60 year old woman can achieve the same fitness level as a 40 year old who is basically inactive.  That same 30 minutes a day of cardio is recommended for women.  We naturally lose muscle mass as we age, which in turn, slows down our metabolic rate.   This slow down adds unwanted pounds (good to know it's not the lasagna I ate last night!).  Rather than have to sacrifice calorie intake, regular exercise can allow for occasional indulging of our favorite meals. 

             Speaking of our favorite meals... One would hope that wisdom accompanies age. 

Remember the phrase "you are what you eat"?  In my minds eye I can still see the pictures

around my school cafeteria of fruit and veggies shaped into the silhouette of a child.  This should

be our mindset.  What we put in our mouths may either nourish us properly, or bring harm to

the one and only body God gave us.  With the depletion of vitamins and minerals in all soil,

the pollution we breathe, and cancer cells trying their best to multiply, why wouldn't we try

our best to combat the effects of time with a healthy diet and exercise program?  Who knows? 

Perhaps one day soon, 80 will be the new 40!

60 is the New 40?

Keep your seat clean!